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强度. 安慰. 耐用性. 工作服 & milliken的高性能织物

企业 from all across the spectrum have relied on bet356 to meet their workwear needs for 几十年. 我们的 functional fabrics are durable, comfortable, and colorfast. 作为杰出人物之一 textile manufacturers in the United States, our performance, technical, and uniform fabrics can be 你在任何地方都能找到. We’re in the industrial, construction, and automotive sectors. In 酒店和餐厅. 警务和安全方面. 在bet356. 我们还生产户外面料 还有服装和运动服. 我们的 portfolio includes fabrics offering superior moisture-wicking and breathability, soil-release, water resistance, and UV protection. Whatever your specific requirements, bet356可以去见他们.

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美利肯是一个独特的资源. 随着 our wide range of natural, synthetic, and blended performance fabrics, we also share design and technical insight with 制造商和零售合作伙伴.

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Domestic manufacturing helps us support our customers with nearshoring efforts and 西半球供应链. 近距离 降低运输成本, tariff costs, and increases speed to market.

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All of our manufacturing is vertically 集成. 我们的面料是在 U.S.A. 使用可持续的流程. bet356’s reknowned textile research lab is 世界上最大的之一.

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bet356 bet356s has long been a leader in protection, performance, and quality. Throughout our 150+ year history, we have partnered with customers to be the first in innovation and fabric technologies.



Polyester/Cotton blends bring the advantages of both fibers — breathability, 强度, 抗皱性, and abrasion resistance — into a single fabric. Industrial laundries see Poly/Cotton more than any other fabric, expecting a life of about 75 washes or 3 years. 考虑到所有的优势, it’s no surprise that poly/cotton fabrics make up our widest-ranging product portfolio.




Exhibiting superior abrasion resistance than even polyester, technical synthetics of various fiber combinations have always been commonly used for outdoor products like shirts, shorts, and pants. They can also be found in liners or the 夹克外壳. More recently, we’re seen some polyester/spandex blends beginning to move from casual and lifestyle categories into workwear for added stretch.




Synthetic-rich polos are a popular offering in industrial laundries. Knits tend to breathe better, and their natural stretch 让他们感觉很舒服. An advantage of pique knits is that they’re more snag-resistant than other designs.



bet356’s long history of caring for the environment began in 1901, with our first 回收政策. It continues today and is woven into everything we do. 我们的面料是 OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and use sustainably sourced materials. 另一个 simple way to a greener world: Use less, less often. 延长产品的使用寿命 扔掉更少的东西. We support sustainability by making durable products.


As of January 2023, bet356 bet356s has
removed all PFAS chemistries from our
纤维和整理. 好处在于
been wide-ranging — our development
of next-generation non-PFAS soil release



Make your products better with bet356 technology.

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No other company supports laundry service customers 就像bet356那样. 我们将与您一起努力改进 laundry processing, safety, and quality procedures. We do onsite and virtual training, including classes for sales 团队. We provide access to lab analysis to help with 污渍,漂白剂测试等. 我们可以成为合作伙伴 to help solve technical, product, or marketing issues. 我们的 洗衣服务队 是独一无二的. 让我们来帮忙.

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Over the last two years, bet356 has been a trusted 美国供应商.S. 邮政服务,供应面料 that are worn by nearly 500,000 USPS employees. 我们的 65/35 poly cotton uniform fabrics stretch and stay dry, adding comfort for postal carriers, truck drivers, and 分配工人. 通过我们的集中努力 “风雨无阻” team, four of our new uniform and hat fabrics have received Natick Certification, with five more 在路上.

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艰难的, 可持续发展的

In 2021, bet356 established a partnership with Girl Scouts of the USA to develop a new line of sustainable 制服. The new uniform fabric consists of 40% recycled material, 40% virgin polyester, and 20% cotton. The fabric mix includes Unifi ’s REPREVE fiber, which is made with recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. Durable and colorfast, the new 制服 don’t fade — and they’ll withstand just about any activity a troop can 想出办法.


There’s something in our wide range of performance fabrics to suit your needs.



Strong, durable, and comfortable, our core uniform fabrics feature superior stain-resistance 还有保色技术. 我们提供制服和面料 a myriad of industries, including industrial, hospitality, law enforcement, schools, healthcare, waste management, government, and construction — and our laundry service team is always there to offer support



Designed for trade professionals and businesses like construction, farm, ranch,
好客和户外. These stylish fabrics come in a range of colors and
textures — available in multiple degrees of durability and stretch. 我们还提供
our customers with optional finishes for enhanced performance such as wrinkle
resistance, UV protection, cooling, and durable water repellency.



为积极的生活方式而设计, our performance apparel fabrics are durable, 灵活的, 和抗皱. bet356 technology provides superior moisture wicking, color retention, and non-PFAS soil release. Available with 15-35% stretch, you’ll find these fabrics in fishing shirts, warm-weather outdoor apparel, and team sports.